About Me

My name is Jim.  I am currently 36 years old. My journey started at 342 pounds, in addition to being insanely out of shape. I started this blog after feeling like I needed a new way to attack my effort (journey) to finally lose this weight and to truly adopt a healthy lifestyle.  I will use this blog to document my journey and to provide a learning tool for anyone who may be facing a similar journey. And maybe, we can learn together.

If you’d like to reach me with comments, questions, or tips, feel free to post a direct comment to any topic or email me directly at jim@342journey.com.

A little bit about me…

My wife and I were married in 2003.  My son was born in 2005, followed by a daughter in 2007.  All three of them are the focus of everything I do.  My main goal for becoming healthy is to set a good example for my kids and to see their lives unfold.  I really want to be there for them as they go through life’s lessons.

I have been very inspired by Tyler’s journey, which is documented at 344pounds.com. I’ve been really motivated by Tyler’s story and his “must-do” attitude. It is shocking how similar Tyler’s journey started out very similar to mine. Tyler encouraged his followers to start blogs about their own weight-loss journeys, so I’ve taken him up on that. If you’re going through a similar journey, I would strongly recommend checking out his site.

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