Week 11 Results: 1.5 Loss

Starting Weight: 342.0
Previous Weight: 322.5
Current Weight: 321.0

I’m getting back on track mentally. Some days it is a challenge to remember, but I did take some of the comments to heart last week and did a bit more activity and cycled my calories (one day 1500, next day 2400, etc). It appears to have paid off. We will see how this continues this week too!

One thing I can attest to is that the BodyMedia CORE armband that I had (note the tense) is not to be worn while swimming. It wasn’t until after about an hour at the pool on Father’s Day with the family that I realized I still had it on. While it appeared to make some beeps and preliminarily appear OK, it died that night. I was without it for the majority of this week. I felt very out of sync from what my habit has been. While I have been tracking my food with another app, I felt somewhat blind to how many steps and/or activity I’ve had that day. Nothing that I think is detrimental, as I still evaluated it the old fashioned way, but still….it’s nice having gadgets sometimes. :)

More to come :)

You can see the calorie deficit that is shown still shows improvement, but I attribute a lot of that number to the deficit achieved over the last two / three days of 2k (almost 3k).

Below is a screenshot showing what my daily averages are in the various categories tracked by my armband. FYI, I track my food in an independent app that is much easier than the app they have, but the caloric values are plugged into the BodyMedia app. Also note, I miskeyed the weight and can’t figure out how to correct it. Body Media could really improve their Activity Manager app to be a bit more user friendly for these types of things.

Week 10 Resultsf

3 thoughts on “Week 11 Results: 1.5 Loss

  1. Good job! Slow and steady is right and healthy.
    We all want to see instant results and your gadgets do give you that with daily totals. I am glad to see the steady progress. I think you are doing great!

  2. Nice week. Good luck and stay focused through the holiday weekend(s).

    Just read a review of the study you may have heard on the news recently about low carbohydrate diets. I highly recommend that blog, especially the ‘Food Reward’ section. Some interesting nuggets in there, by an obesity researcher at UW. It’s fairly technical but the author recently wrote an article for a wider audience.



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