Week 12 Results: 0.5 Loss

Starting Weight: 342.0
Previous Weight: 321.0
Current Weight: 320.5
Total Weight Loss: 21.5

I’m back on track for sure. I’ve enjoyed some budgeted indulgences this week (ice cream with my brother’s family, etc) and given that one of the indulgences was pizza last night, the sodium, etc in that is probably factoring into my weightloss not being more.

I’ve really enjoyed reading the blog that Matt linked last week. That page has some great insight on what to put into one’s body. Good info. Thanks for the link! Any other sites like that, that you follow regularly?

Wishing everyone well going into picnics this week and weekend. I’ve got some time off coming up this coming week and plan on doing a ton more yard work, landscaping, etc as my activity. Though with it being 95+ degrees out, that tends to cause many breaks so I don’t pass out (safety first!).

More to come…

I will post this week’s body media log later today when I sync my device. FYI, I’m going swimming with the family today…here’s to hoping I remember to take it off this time!

Below is a screenshot showing what my daily averages are in the various categories tracked by my armband. FYI, I track my food in an independent app that is much easier than the app they have, but the caloric values are plugged into the BodyMedia app. Also note, I miskeyed the weight and can’t figure out how to correct it. Body Media could really improve their Activity Manager app to be a bit more user friendly for these types of things.

Week 10 Resultsf

2 thoughts on “Week 12 Results: 0.5 Loss

  1. Jim, here are a couple other geeky blogs that I follow which you would probably enjoy!

    Chris Kresser – he has a podcast that I will listen to on occasion but the diabetes/GERD sections are also really interesting and chock full of good info. He takes a “paleo” approach to diet – eating like our ancestors did, before the onslaught of processed food, especially refined oils, wheat and sugar. chriskresser.com

    Health Correlator – Ned Kock – written by an engineer in Texas who lost 60 lbs by avoiding processed foods and not being afraid of cholesterol. http://healthcorrelator.blogspot.com/

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