Week 15 Results: 2.0 Gain

Starting Weight: 342.0
Previous Weight: 319.5
Current Weight: 321.5
Total Weight Loss: 20.5

I’ve done well this week even if the scale doesn’t show it. Just as I said last week….

Feeling good. Feeling focused. Looking forward to continued success. I’m optimistic that I’ve righted the ship.

FYI, I’ve had limited mobility this week thanks to a bout of Tendonitis in my foot and Dr’s orders. Should be back to normal routines by mid-week.

More to come…

Below is a screenshot showing what my daily averages are in the various categories tracked by my armband.

Week 15 Results

5 thoughts on “Week 15 Results: 2.0 Gain

  1. I’m concerned with the lower activity and steps which are both tied to the foot issue.
    Make sure it is ok to press forward and you aren’t hurting yourself, then lean into it. You can do this!

    • My concern is the tendinitis that you say will be cleared in a couple of days. Really? I don’t want to give you an excuse, but I do not want you to injure the foundation which the basketball coach needs to operate. ;)

      • Been actively treating it for a couple week under doctor’s direction, but nothing aggressive. Thursday, I had a cortizone shot to be a bit more aggressive with it and he said take it easy for a week and then I should be able to do what I’d like.

        It has been a pain that I’ve been tolerating for a good two or three months and as of this writing, I have no pain. Looking forward to doing “normal” excercise without pain.

  2. How’d you do on the weekend beer challenge? You definitely did better than me … and I’m +2 lbs to show for it. It’s just way too easy at a ball game … especially since we got there at 4:30 to stand in line for Bryce Harper bobbleheads. Better weekend for me next week that’s for sure!

    • If we count the whole week, I had 2 at dinner Monday while at a friends house and only 1 over the weekend.

      Though, I have had two tonight!

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