Week 14 Results: 6.5 Loss

Starting Weight: 342.0
Previous Weight: 326.0
Current Weight: 319.5
Total Weight Loss: 22.5

Nice rebound.

Feeling good. Feeling focused. Looking forward to continued success. I’m optimistic that I’ve righted the ship.

More to come…

Below is a screenshot showing what my daily averages are in the various categories tracked by my armband. FYI, I track my food in an independent app that is much easier than the app they have, but the caloric values are plugged into the BodyMedia app. Also note, I miskeyed the weight and can’t figure out how to correct it. Body Media could really improve their Activity Manager app to be a bit more user friendly for these types of things.

Week 14 Results

2 thoughts on “Week 14 Results: 6.5 Loss

  1. I am so happy for you! I noticed what you had for dinner at Arooga’s on Sat. Great choices! I was feeling very guilty for eating something that was all starch & fat…& truthfully wasn’t that great. Kudos!

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