Week 16 Results: 1.0 Gain

Starting Weight: 342.0
Previous Weight: 321.5
Current Weight: 322.5
Total Weight Loss: 19.5

Calories consumption was high this week. Gotta say, I still don’t understand how I can have a negative net burn and still gain wait. But, I think I can correlate what my daily activity is vs calories consumed and how they drive weight gain vs. loss. I had lower activity, higher calorie consumption…logic tells me that should be a gain.

More to come…

Week 16 Results

3 thoughts on “Week 16 Results: 1.0 Gain

  1. How much of the 3703 calories burned is basal metabolic rate vs exercise? What was the level of intensity of the excercise this week? I am thinking the lingering injury may be affecting your exercise intensity and inflating your burn rate. And I also wonder about those basal metabolic rates a bit – you have a lot of data points and might want to consider dropping what “the book” says about BMR for your wt?

    • Most calculators put my BMR at about 2,700 calories. I don’t know how accurate it is, as I’ve had calculations range from 2,300 to 3,200 (I’m 5’7″ and 36 if you want calculate). And my exercise level was very low this week (devoted exercise time was only once this week). While I could blame it on the foot, I think it was laziness that’s prevented exercise, as my foot is definitely on the mend (~80-90% back to normal).

      So are you suggesting that I should evaluate my calories consumed only on calories burned over the 2,700 BMR value?

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