The Cat’s Out of the Bag…

It’s easy to be accountable if no one is looking. If have a goal and you tell no one about it. What happens if you fail? You don’t have to worry about telling someone that you fail if no one is watching. There is no reason to try your best because…no one’s going to know if I make it or not. If I stated I would post progress pictures on the blog and then opted not to or “forgot”…if no one knew about the blog, there would be no one to call me out on it.

Of course, the downside, what if you make it? What if you win? What if you’ve hit a goal that you’ve been aiming at for months / years? If you told no one, there would be no one to pat you on the back and be your cheerleader as you continue on your journey. Who would be there to say “Good Job!”? Who would be there to ask you about your next goal?

It’s easy to be accountable if no one is looking. It’s time that I start looking.

I came to this acknowledgement earlier this week, hence I sent out the note to most friends / family about my endeavor here.

Accountability can play a huge part in one’s ability to be successful. If someone is watching, you will do your best. You will try to have the best form. You will pay attention to what you’re doing. You will be aware if you start to go off-course and make the necessary corrections. If someone is watching, you’ll ask for feedback on how you’re doing. If someone is watching, they will be there to push you along, even without words….just being there.

Being accountable for your actions in a public manner helps keep you on-track to being accountable to yourself. Someone commented to me this week that while accountability does play a part, YOU are ultimately accountable to yourself. I know with people watching and wanting to give feedback, this will certainly help me on my journey.

While I don’t expect everyone to start their own blog about it, I’d love to hear how you share your message with friends, family, or co-workers. How will you be accountable on your journey?

3 thoughts on “The Cat’s Out of the Bag…

  1. One of the great things about any feedback is that you never know when some little phrase or idea can cause an epiphany—turn on that lightbulb over your head & make you see something you didn’t see before. It may even be something you’ve heard before, but the timing was wrong & it didn’t click the 1st time. Your dad had 1 of those recently at a mtg w/his nurse practitioner when she gave him a tip on how to time his insulin. It had been said before, but he couldn’t do it as long as he was working. So she stopped suggesting it. Finally, 2+ yrs after retirement, she thought to revisit the idea…& it’s working great!

    Someone told you “YOU are ultimately accountable to yourself” & even though that is quite true, “ultimately” is somewhere down the road in your journey. Meanwhile, you need family & friends & anyone else to bolster you & help you get to that point! Don’t be in a rush to get to “ultimately”…slow & steady works. And you get to share yourself with so many great people along the way! That can only make you & your journey all the richer.

  2. I love to read this blog. :)
    What are you eating / not eating, or restrictions?

    I’m now eating something for breakfast. Crackers with peanut butter is easy for me to count the carbs and fat and gives me the juice to get moving and satisfy until Randi gets up at the crack of noon.

    • I’ll post a food log tonight. I haven’t posted one yet, as I’m not happy with the format quite yet, but I need to let that go…..

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