Week 2 Results: 10.5 Loss

Starting weight: 342.0
Previous Weight: 338.5
Current Weight: 328.0

This week, I changed my weigh in day to Sunday morning. This will help me in easier reporting through one of my apps I use to track my calories, along with some other reporting tools I have (more to come on those). This week’s results were based on the 10 days since the last weigh-in.

I will post my food log in a separate post, for anyone interested in what / how I’m eating.

I’m very happy with the results (who wouldn’t be happy with this!). I haven’t seen 320′s in a long time. I know there are a couple personal weight based milestones that I’m looking forward to hitting.

  • 317 due to that being a key point in several past weight loss journeys.
  • 300 will be a huge one, as that means I can use the normal scale at the doctor’s office.
  • 288 is another one (I refer to this as the big one), as that is the lowest weight I had been at in the last 10-15 years and that was a year or two after Mason was born (he’s 7 now).

A little over two weeks in and I can say I feel a difference. I feel like I’m walking a little taller. I feel like I have a more positive attitude in general.

I will post progression pictures later today.  Sorry folks…had a bit of a bug last night that had me worshiping the porcelain gods for a bit.  Gretchen swears the spinach we had at lunch time was fine.  On the upside, I was not into eating dinner which did save on calories, but for the record, bulemia is not a preferred way to lose weight.

Wk 2 - Front Wk 2 - Side

6 thoughts on “Week 2 Results: 10.5 Loss

  1. Jim, this is fantastic! Everyone succeeds in different ways & you have taken a huge step toward finding a path that will work for you. If I learned anything at WW, it was the need for accountability. You devised your own way to make it work! Your dad said it…we are so proud of you!

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