Week 4 Results: 6.5 Loss

Starting weight: 342.0
Previous Weight: 330.5
Current Weight: 324.0

I think I had a lot of focus on my calorie burn rate vs calories consumed this week. Also, using my new CORE Armband from Body Media, I’ve been able to get accurate information on my burn rate and activity monitoring, so that I can then make smart decisions on my consumption. I’ve been wearing it for a little over two weeks now, and I must say that it provides some great information to review and it helps feed the competitive side of me (trying to out-do yesterday’s step count, burn rate, etc).

I also think that the choices that I have been making on what how much I’m allowing myself to consume, is becomming very second nature. I’ve found I’m often going with my gut reaction on “should I eat this” or “endulge in that”? Often leading to smart choices.

I will write some commentary on restrictions and or what I’ve cut out of my eating habits (which is nothing) in a later post, as this was just to provide a progress update.

Unlike last time, I will post pictures later tonight, along with a food log.

Wk 4 - Front Wk 4 - Side

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