Week 1 Results: 3.5 Loss

As predicted, I weigh in under 339. Go Math / Science! The scale balanced at 338.5. That’s a drop of 3.5 pounds. Not to bad at all. This wasn’t an overly challenging week, and as long as I paid attention, I could see myself continuing this success.

This is the first time I’ve ever focused on the mathematical / science aspect of living healthy.

To summarize my last 7 days, I can show the following:

Basal Metabolic Rate:
Daily 2,802
Weekly 19,614

Caloric Intake by day…
Thursday 1,718
Friday 1,972
Saturday 1,971
Sunday 2,067
Monday 1,881
Tuesday 1,858
Wednesday 1,643
Weekly 13,110

Exercise Burn Totals:
Thursday 244
Saturday 652
Sunday 652
Monday 652
Tuesday 434
Wednesday 652
Weekly 3,286

Weekly Basal 19,614
Less Weekly Consumed 13,110
Plus Weekly Burned 3,286
Yield 9,790
Projected Pounds Lost (/3500) 2.797 lbs

So, you can see that these are general guidelines and I’m sure my caloric monitoring is at best an estimate right now.

I’m debating on getting a more accurate monitoring tool (such as this, that was recently linked and demo’d by Tyler at 344pounds.com).

I forgot to take pictures on the day I weighed in, but theses were taken during the week.

Wk 1 - Front     Wk 1 - Side

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