Week 3 Results: 2.25 Gain

Starting weight: 342.0
Previous Weight: 328.0
Current Weight: 330.25

A lot of my reaction to this was captured in my last post about Perseverance. I am still very pleased with where I am at, as I feel great and I know I am moving in a good direction. I also know that mid-week, I was at 332. The various possible causes I have already discussed in my other post, so I won’t belabor that point.

A couple things I will do differently this week:

  • Only weigh in on Sunday…weighing in early I think messed with my stress level this week, as I was likely obsessed with the value and shouldn’t have been
  • Monitor more of my micro and macro nutrient information to help establish a baseline so I can better evaluate the impact of their consumption on my journey

I will post my food log in a separate post, for anyone interested in what / how I’m eating.

I will post progress pictures later tonight. Cancelled due to Spangler Memory Syndrome.

3 thoughts on “Week 3 Results: 2.25 Gain

  1. I know nothing about weight loss, but I know that I support you.
    I do know counting carbs is NOT easy when you do it 24/7. I know the bad test results suck, but you gotta keep trying.
    Never give up!

  2. If you average 1.5lb/week weight loss, you’ve lost 78 lbs in a year. You’re now averaging 4lbs/week which isn’t sustainable in a healthy way over the long term, so there are probably more corrections to come. I suspect you had some sort of odd water-related nadir last Sunday at weigh-in and you’re back to a more traditional track. Are you going to take measurements, or body fat calculations?

    • You’re probably right about the water, and I am back on track. I do have measurements (waist was 58.5″, etc and I haven’t seen much / any change in them so I thought I’d review and compare those in longer iterations), but I don’t have a body fat % yet. I should look into that.

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