Week 5 Results: 0.5 Loss

Starting weight: 342.0
Previous Weight: 324.0
Current Weight: 323.5

I had a good week overall. Feeling in control. I will say that I did not focus on activity this week. While I did achieve daily activity, I half-assed the intensity of the activity. This was mostly due to the recovery my feet needed after the the weekend of walking at the camp. I am looking forward to doing that again at the end of the month when we go to family camp.

I also pushed my calorie limit closer to my daily target (and a couple days over). To date, I was having a tendancy to eat several hundred calories under and I’m not sure what I feel on that. FYI, my target daily calories is 2,100, but I was typically eating 1,600-1,800 calories in past weeks, with this week hitting 2,000-2,200 calories. I understand the concept that I’ve read about putting my metabolism into a survival mode when not enough basal ratio of calories are consumed. But, I fight against getting into the habit of eating healthy, nutritious food (including what I want even if it’s not the most nutritious thing at the moment) and stopping when I’m comfortable versus eating to a target number and stopping then. I prefer the former, and I think this factored into my results this week. I’d also state that I’ve spent 36 years of eating well over the point where I’m comfortable and it’s tough for me to rationalize that it’s OK to eat beyond comfort, “but not too much, as I only need 400 more calories”. There’s a lot of food / crap I could fit into 400 calories and get back into the habit of eating when / what I don’t really want to eat.

This week…

  • I will strive to hit my daily target for intensity (30 min per day moderate activity and 15 min of vigorous activity). This is achievable.
  • I will eat to my comfort level and let the calories lie where they may, as long as I don’t go over.
  • This week, I will reach the 20 lb mark.

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