Week 6 Results: 2.0 Gain

Starting weight: 342.0
Previous Weight: 323.5
Current Weight: 325.5

So…my sense of control went into the shitter this week. While I did have control over my consumption, I did have a big setback and interruption to my routine. It was due to an issue at work that caused me to work a lot this week to correct (60-70 hours this week) and to boot, it was a problem that I caused and it had very high visibility. To say that this caused some stress is an extreme understatement. I’m sure this impacted my progress significantly, but I do think that I have corrected the work issue and things are calming down / getting back on track.

The other post-mortem I can comment on is that due to my work week being what it was, I chose to half-ass a lot of the workouts I did do. While I did do my routine amount of exercise, I really did not hit my “normal” target burn. I know during my working hours, my step count was horrid (usually run about 7-8k per work day and it was half of that).

To boot, I did have a cookout with some neighbors where I had a few beers, some chips, and I failed to journal all of it. I’m fairly certain I ate about 1-2k more calories than I had budgeted for the day.

I can also comment on the following thoughts….

  • I believe I will encounter times like this for the rest of my life, but as long as I actively monitor and react daily… overall, that’s success.
  • That 2 pounds is nothing in the grand scheme and once I hit my summit, +/- 2 pounds is an acceptable maintenance fluctuation.
  • I need to evaluate how much I will let sudden “distractions” like work, emergencies, etc, impact my journey.
  • Better planning and follow through on short-term goals (ie. last week targeting hitting the 20 lb lost mark).
  • It’s like I said to Gretchen last night. It is what it is. I will continue to execute the journey and continue on with my focus. Just like the last “hiccup”, this will not deter me from my path.

    I’ll also get back to posting some additional log entries this week (at least one general post and one food log from last week, in all it’s glory)…

    I am going to hold off on progress photo’s this week. I will post some next week.

    More to come :)

    2 thoughts on “Week 6 Results: 2.0 Gain

    1. These things happen. Another thing to keep in mind is that with all that in a worst case scenario, you’re still 17 under your starting point. Hopefully work is back to normal now.

    2. Yes, it is tough to deal with life’s twists and turns.
      Keep your goals out front and work thru the work/home frustration. Your level of determination is inspiring to me.

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