Birthday Feast…

Another good day.

We celebrated my birthday tonight, even though it’s a couple day’s away (thanks to our family schedule). I am proud to say that I didn’t go crazy. We had ice cream cake as a finale…my favorite treat. :)

The best part….I planned the whole day’s eating and exercising, including the ice cream cake. My daily calorie intake was about 2,000 and I burned another 600 calories before work this morning. Now that’s a good way to celebrate a birthday.

In times past (even when “dieting”), I would have devoured my dinner, gone back for seconds, then had a monster helping or two of dessert. Not today. We had chicken cheese steaks with sauteed onions and peppers (in lieu of philly cheese-steaks), baked tots (1.5 servings of 12 tots), and a cup of broccoli. Oh, and only one serving of each.

FYI, I will post my daily breakdown of calories at the end of the week (my lose-it! app sends me a report that I can cut & paste here).