Week 7 Results: 2.0 Loss

Starting Weight: 342.0
Previous Weight: 325.5
Current Weight: 323.5

I’m pleased with the results. I continue to log my food daily. My app (Lose It!) has reminded me of that achievement too, as I’ve logged 8 weeks in a row now. I will say that many days I ate more than my target calorie consumption, but I did up the activity quite a bit. Activity was boosted, as we had another weekend at Cub Scout Camp (which is why this log entry is a day late).

My goal for this week is to utilize the gym twice this week. I am paying for it after all. Today is my off day, as I’ve logged 15-20k steps over the last 4 days, much less the cardio activity I had with playing some sports, hiking, etc. My goal is to hit the elliptical on Wednesday and Thursday this week. My goal is also to log my actual activity this week, instead of just monitoring my calories burned through my gadgets :P .

More to come :)

Below is a screenshot showing what my daily averages are in the various categories tracked by my armband. FYI, I track my food in an independent app that is much easier than the app they have. I will review what it will take to just post calories themselves into the BodyMedia app.

Week 7 Results

Week 6 Results: 2.0 Gain

Starting weight: 342.0
Previous Weight: 323.5
Current Weight: 325.5

So…my sense of control went into the shitter this week. While I did have control over my consumption, I did have a big setback and interruption to my routine. It was due to an issue at work that caused me to work a lot this week to correct (60-70 hours this week) and to boot, it was a problem that I caused and it had very high visibility. To say that this caused some stress is an extreme understatement. I’m sure this impacted my progress significantly, but I do think that I have corrected the work issue and things are calming down / getting back on track.

The other post-mortem I can comment on is that due to my work week being what it was, I chose to half-ass a lot of the workouts I did do. While I did do my routine amount of exercise, I really did not hit my “normal” target burn. I know during my working hours, my step count was horrid (usually run about 7-8k per work day and it was half of that).

To boot, I did have a cookout with some neighbors where I had a few beers, some chips, and I failed to journal all of it. I’m fairly certain I ate about 1-2k more calories than I had budgeted for the day.

I can also comment on the following thoughts….

  • I believe I will encounter times like this for the rest of my life, but as long as I actively monitor and react daily… overall, that’s success.
  • That 2 pounds is nothing in the grand scheme and once I hit my summit, +/- 2 pounds is an acceptable maintenance fluctuation.
  • I need to evaluate how much I will let sudden “distractions” like work, emergencies, etc, impact my journey.
  • Better planning and follow through on short-term goals (ie. last week targeting hitting the 20 lb lost mark).
  • It’s like I said to Gretchen last night. It is what it is. I will continue to execute the journey and continue on with my focus. Just like the last “hiccup”, this will not deter me from my path.

    I’ll also get back to posting some additional log entries this week (at least one general post and one food log from last week, in all it’s glory)…

    I am going to hold off on progress photo’s this week. I will post some next week.

    More to come :)

    Week 5 Results: 0.5 Loss

    Starting weight: 342.0
    Previous Weight: 324.0
    Current Weight: 323.5

    I had a good week overall. Feeling in control. I will say that I did not focus on activity this week. While I did achieve daily activity, I half-assed the intensity of the activity. This was mostly due to the recovery my feet needed after the the weekend of walking at the camp. I am looking forward to doing that again at the end of the month when we go to family camp.

    I also pushed my calorie limit closer to my daily target (and a couple days over). To date, I was having a tendancy to eat several hundred calories under and I’m not sure what I feel on that. FYI, my target daily calories is 2,100, but I was typically eating 1,600-1,800 calories in past weeks, with this week hitting 2,000-2,200 calories. I understand the concept that I’ve read about putting my metabolism into a survival mode when not enough basal ratio of calories are consumed. But, I fight against getting into the habit of eating healthy, nutritious food (including what I want even if it’s not the most nutritious thing at the moment) and stopping when I’m comfortable versus eating to a target number and stopping then. I prefer the former, and I think this factored into my results this week. I’d also state that I’ve spent 36 years of eating well over the point where I’m comfortable and it’s tough for me to rationalize that it’s OK to eat beyond comfort, “but not too much, as I only need 400 more calories”. There’s a lot of food / crap I could fit into 400 calories and get back into the habit of eating when / what I don’t really want to eat.

    This week…

  • I will strive to hit my daily target for intensity (30 min per day moderate activity and 15 min of vigorous activity). This is achievable.
  • I will eat to my comfort level and let the calories lie where they may, as long as I don’t go over.
  • This week, I will reach the 20 lb mark.

    Week 4 Food Log

    Below is what I ate during Week 4 up to the weigh in day (I weighed in Sunday morning as soon as I got back from Cub Scout camp).

    Feel free to review and comment.


    • Breakfast – 540 Calories – Homemade Waffles w/ Spray Butter & Low Cal Syrup (Low Cal recipe that Gretchen found)
    • Lunch - 468 Calories – Smoked Pork Ribs, Raw Carrots, Fig Newton Minis
    • Dinner - 577 Calories – Tossed Salad w/ Blue Cheese Dressing and Grilled Turkey Sausage
    • Snacks - 140 Calories – 1 slice Banana Nut Bread


    • Breakfast – 540 Calories – Homemade Waffles (leftovers) w/ Spray Butter & Low Cal Syrup, Coffee w/ Crm & Sugar
    • Lunch - 460 Calories (Subway) – 6″ Subway Club; Baked Potato Chips
    • Dinner - 351 Calories – 4oz Grilled Chicken Breast, Rice, Grapes


    • Breakfast - 580 Calories – Egg Sandwich (1 Egg, 1oz Shredded Low Fat Sharp Cheese on Big Marty Bun); 6oz Greek Yogurt; Coffee w/ Crm & Sugar
    • Lunch – 900 Calories (Subway) – 12″ Chicken Teriyaki Sub; Baked Potato Chips (should have had a 6″, as I felt yuck all afternoon)
    • Dinner - 627 Calories - Veggie Pasta w/ Homemade Tomoato Sauce and Grilled Turkey Sausage; Asparagus; Breadsticks w/ Butter; Rhubarb Sponge-Cake


    • Breakfast – 610 Calories – Egg Sandwich (1 Egg, 1oz Shredded Low Fat Sharp Cheese on Big Marty Bun); Grilled Turkey Sausage; Coffee w/ Crm & Sugar
    • Lunch – 747 Calories (Subway) - 6″ Veggie Delight; Sun-Chips; Pepper Jack Cheese
    • Dinner – 627 Calories – Veggie Pasta w/ Homemade Tomoato Sauce and 10 oz Grilled Chicken Breast; Breadsticks w/ Butter; 5oz White Wine; Fun-Size Butterfinger


    • Breakfast - 552 Calories – 1 Egg; Small Bagel w/ Shredded Low Fat Cheese; Banana; Coffee w/ Crm & Sugar
    • Lunch - 491 Calories – 4oz Grilled Chicken Breast, Rice, Grapes; Tostitos Bite-Size Corn Chips
    • Dinner - 612 Calories (Wegman’s) – Sushi (6 California Roll, 6 Spicy Shrimp Roll); Side Salad
    • Snack – 370 Calories – Chocolate Protein Bar; Lance Crackers


    • Breakfast - 340 Calories – Greek Yogurt; Quaker Cinnamon Roll Bar; Coffee w/ Crm & Sugar
    • Lunch - 400 Calories - Veggie Pasta w/ Homemade Tomoato Sauce and 5 oz Grilled Chicken Breast
    • Dinner – 700 Calories – 2 slices pizza (1 cheese, 1 pepperoni)

    Saturday (was at Scout Camp and Burned over 5,000 calories this day)

    • Breakfast - 303 Calories – 2 mini powdered donut; 1 large Orange; 1 Banana
    • Lunch - 854 Calories – 2 x Grilled Cheese Sandwiches; 1 cup Grapes; 1 cup Baby Carrots; 1 oz Doritos
    • Dinner – 565 Calories – 2 x Cheeseburgers w/ Lettuce, Tomato, and Ketchup; 1 oz Doritos

    Week 4 Results: 6.5 Loss

    Starting weight: 342.0
    Previous Weight: 330.5
    Current Weight: 324.0

    I think I had a lot of focus on my calorie burn rate vs calories consumed this week. Also, using my new CORE Armband from Body Media, I’ve been able to get accurate information on my burn rate and activity monitoring, so that I can then make smart decisions on my consumption. I’ve been wearing it for a little over two weeks now, and I must say that it provides some great information to review and it helps feed the competitive side of me (trying to out-do yesterday’s step count, burn rate, etc).
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    Sorry for the delay….

    Life had a bit of catching up to me this week, and I’ve wanted to be sure I keep active where possible and not allow other things (like “I have to do a blog entry tonight!”) as an excuse to reprioritize the now and sabotage the future.

    Some examples of things that I got caught up in this week:

    • Cub Scout Camp (Fri through Sunday) – Provided a huge opportunity to integrate activity with some awesome fun with my son.  I target a 4,000 calorie burn target each day, while also averaging about 6-7,000 steps daily.  On Saturday alone, I burned little over 5,200 calories and took 17,930 steps throughout the day.  This was primarily due to walking to everything on campus, and consistently volunteering to be the “go-to” guy for things
    • Baseball Coaching – Got an opportunity this week to coach a game and spent about 2 hours at a high-energy level, running on and off the field, etc and helped burn enough calories that equated to a half-hour on the treadmill (and it was much more fun, to boot).
    • Mowing the lawn – Sure, I sat on my duff (tractor) for most of it, but I opted to put off a whole lot more to do with the push mower and even more to the trimmer than I normally do.

    The Benefits of Information…

    As I a venture through this journey, I am getting confirmation from a principle I have heard many times before. Information is a vital component and is likely directly relational (I can’t prove this…yet) to the success of one’s journey.

    Easier ability to make decisions. By tracking the amount of calories that you put into your body, you can better decide what your consumption for the day will look like. If you’ve eaten 800 calories for breakfast, you should then know the you do not have a lot of leeway to just consume anything throughout the rest of the day. On the flip side, if you are heading into dinner and still have 900 calories left in your daily target, that provides room to indulge in most any type of food.

    Easier ability to evaluate success. By tracking the calories consumed and calories burned, you can decide if you have had a successful day. If you are looking at a deficit of 1,000 calories (more calories burned than consumed), then you know you are on track to lose 2 pounds that week. If you are looking at a 100 calorie deficit, maybe you should pass on that cookie until tomorrow (or go for a walk and increase that deficit).

    Keep in mind that, I believe calorie counting doesn’t have to be exact (at least to start out anyway).  It should be enough to provide information to evaluate where you are at and react to it.

    Don’t get me wrong. Information and calorie tracking is not the end-all, be-all solution, but if you are going to have any chance of success, you will need to have a defined plan of how you will get and evaluate the information available to you. Sometimes it is other factors that will drive your success (perseverance), but understanding and reacting to information will get you farthest on your journey.