But it’s raw…

I had sushi for dinner tonight. I don’t know what I enjoy more about it…the fun flavors and textures to enjoying sushi…or that I feel so hip and trendy while I’m eating it. For some reason, I equate sushi to coolness. I had 9 peices and a spicy tuna roll for dinner tonight. I think my coolness factor was increased +10.

Also, why do I equate raw with being healthier? I don’t believe I’ve read any studies on this concept, but mentally, I can’t help thinking my inner cannibal enjoys the raw factor. I had some raw salmon, tuna, yellowfin, and striped bass (my first) tonight. I also tend to think that if it’s raw, there’s less of a chance of them sneaking hidden calories in there (via coating, oil, etc).

Raw fish and rice. Sounds good to me. :)

Also…burned another 650 calories tonight…looking forward to my first weigh-in tomorrow. My goal is to be 339 or less.